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Sat 2- 25- 2017

Posted on Feb 24, 17 in WOD

Partner WOD 400m run 25 burpees 50 cal bike 50 manmakers (25/50) 50 cal bike 25 burpees 400m run   ** partners run together, each person does 25 burpees, reps can be broken up...

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Fri 2- 24- 2017

Posted on Feb 23, 17 in WOD

CrossFit Open WOD 17.1   Did you sign up for the CF Open? You still can!!...

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Thurs 2- 23- 2017

Posted on Feb 22, 17 in WOD

Warm Up: Coaches Choice WOD: 30- 20- 10 cal row air squats ab mat sit ups push ups pull ups ** 400m run after each completed round ( so 3 runs total)** Cash Out: 2- 3 sets BB bent ...

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