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Thurs 7- 19- 2018

Posted on Jul 18, 18 in WOD

Run or Row Warm Up Strength: In 15 mins build to a heavy high hang power snatch + low hang power snatch + power snatch – work up to 3 heavy sets of complex WOD: 4 Sets for fa...

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Wed 7- 18- 2018

Posted on Jul 17, 18 in WOD

Run or Row Warm Up Skill: Strict Gymnastics Pulling Accumulate 40 quality reps at most challenging of:  (NO ring rows) toe nail pull ups/ pull up negatives/ strict pull ups/ weigh...

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Tues 7- 17- 2018

Posted on Jul 16, 18 in WOD

Run or Row Warm Up Strength: 2 x 8 Tempo Back Squats  @ 32x 1 1 x 8 Front Squat @ 32x 1   WOD: 60 WB (20/14) 40 Burpee Box Jump Overs 20 DB Snatches/ arm (50/35)   ** Ma...

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