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These are the values that are part of the CrossFit Community and the foundation of CrossFit Adoration:

HONESTY – At CrossFit Adoration we strive to keep everything out in the open and remain truthful and honest with our members, staff, and community.

INTEGRITY – There are many definitions of Integrity. At CrossFit Adoration we focus on two in particular. The first is regarded as adhering to moral and ethical principles; exhibiting sound moral character; the honesty, accuracy and truthfulness of one’s actions. “Doing what’s right even when no one is looking”. The second is in regards to structure. A sound, unhindered perfect condition: “the integrity of a ship’s hull”. We remain strong because of our members! Integrity defines our gym both structurally and morally!

COMMUNITY – At CrossFit Adoration we are a community above and beyond anything else. Every decision we make here is for our members. We want this to be a place you can not only get a workout in but also develop lifelong friendships.

DEDICATION – At CrossFit Adoration we are dedicated to what we do. We strive for excellence at all times. This is our passion. Our coaches eat, sleep and breathe CrossFit so they can provide you with the best possible programming and coaching available.

HONOR – We love what we do! All of our coaches are here to help you become a stronger person, both physically and mentally. You are the PRIORITY.

What is CrossFit

“Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement” Let’s break that down even more…. Constantly Varied – Always changing the workouts, never letting your body adapt. This is why CrossFit is great for getting results. High Intensity – Intensity is the act of creating power (power = force multiplied by distance divided by time). So we are […]

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Rules of the Box

1.  Leave your EGO at the door. 2. Be early, stay late. 3. Leave the coaching to the coaches. 4. Respect each other and always be kind. 5. Introduce yourself to new members. 6. Keep the chalk in the bucket….it really doesn’t make you stronger. 7. The WOD is done when the last person is […]

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Mission Statement: CrossFit Adoration will build a healthy, strong and supportive environment which will continually strive for the true spirit of fitness and competition, in a results based, family atmosphere.