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Women and Weightlifting

Posted on Apr 20, 19

  I want to share some truths about lifting weights that not research study will tell you.   -It makes you better at everything else you like to do! Adding strength training will improve all the other activities you enjoy. Running, yoga, zumba all these things can benefit from becoming stronger. Lifting weights is a […]

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10 Reasons Why Good Sleep Matters

Posted on Apr 19, 19

10 Reasons Why Good Sleep Matters!   Eating healthy and exercise is important for good health but a good night’s sleep is also an essential part.   The average amount of sleep a person gets, along with sleep quality is decreasing.   Here are 10 reasons why you should make a sleep a priority.   […]

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Proper Nutrition for Injury Recovery

Posted on Apr 18, 19

Proper Nutrition for Injury Recovery   Yes injuries happen. Recovery is important and the proper nutrition can help speed up the healing process.   There are three stages in the recovery process whether its from surgery or an injury.   1st stage is inflammation. Pain, swelling, redness and heat. This draws healing chemicals to the injured […]

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Why your kids should do CrossFit

Posted on Apr 17, 19

    There are quite a few of us that love CrossFit. We love the emotional release it provides, the fitness, the community, the mental strength it builds and that we always are challenging ourselves. Being a parent that has reaped these benefits it would just seem natural to want my children to get involved […]

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Three ways to overcome fear in Weightlifting.

Posted on Apr 16, 19

Anxiety. The feeling we get when we step up to a heavy bar. Sometimes its not even the weight on the bar it can also be just the movement. It affects each of us differently but we can all relate.   Athletes new and seasoned face this. It can be what if I hit myself […]

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The value of a good CrossFit Kids program.

Posted on Apr 15, 19

The value of a good CrossFit Kids Program   Here at CrossFit Adoration we take pride in our coaching staff for both our regular members and our youth members, but do you know the importance of a well versed CrossFit Kids Coach?   Here’s some food for thought. Coaching kids requires greater care in programming. […]

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How to Raise Fit Kids

Posted on Apr 14, 19

As a parent you may love working out and have found great benefits. However, your child/children may not be interested in learning to play your favorite sport but instead loves playing video games for hours on end. In CrossFit Kids children don’t have to be athletic to have fun and learn valuable life skills for […]

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Time to step out of your comfort zone!

Posted on Apr 13, 19

  A large amount of people are afraid to take that step of walking into a CrossFit gym for the first time. We see the pictures on ads and think “No Way” I don’t look like that, I do not belong in a CrossFit gym. We see the bars and weights and have clue what […]

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Eating Healthy on a Budget

Posted on Apr 12, 19

  Let’s face it eating organic produce, and grass – fed meat is healthy for you but it can be expensive for a lot of people. That does not mean you cannot eat healthy. There are nutrient rich and budget friendly food options out there.   Here’s 5 ways to eat healthy on a budget. […]

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Women and Weights

Posted on Apr 11, 19

Research has given us many reasons why women should lift weights, yet plenty of women still walk away from this statement with a mixture of excuses, bad experiences or just saying no it is not for me. Some questions I’d ask these women are have you actually really given it a chance. Followed a program […]

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