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Early Morning Stretches to Build a Healthier Body

Posted on Jun 16, 19

    I am figuring that the more we talk about stretching and mobility more you of you might actually start doing it. So many of us skip this essential part of our day. If you are getting tired of waking up every morning achy, tight and sluggish then start incorporating these following simple and […]

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Mindfulness to Combat Stress and Boost Performance

Posted on Jun 15, 19

Most of us experience stress. Keeping it in check can prevent burnout and even chronic disease.  Much stress comes from within. Our minds are prone to be swept away by thoughts and stories pulsing through our heads.  This can negatively impact our performance. Training our minds to focus on one thing, the breath, a sound, […]

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Tips to Improve Your Front Squat

Posted on Jun 13, 19

    The Front Squat is a core staple to building strength in your lower body and essential to helping you improve your Clean. As always you want to perfect your form in this lift to keep you safe and from developing bad habits.   First you want to find and get accustomed to your […]

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Benefits of Stretching

Posted on Jun 12, 19

    Mobilize. All of our coaches talk about it. All of us do it in some sort of fashion. It is essential no matter what your health and fitness goals are. Even if you do not follow a fitness regimen stretching is very beneficial to your longevity.   Here are some reasons why you […]

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Meet Coach Ryan

Posted on Jun 10, 19

For me Fitness has been a part of my life ever since I could remember my father, (Boxer) uncle, (Wrestler) and grandfather (wrestling trainer for WWE) trained in our garage gym in Massachusetts before having a garage gym was “cool” always surrounded by people who pushed hard and took chances which led me to my […]

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Enjoying The Summer Without Sabotaging Your Nutrition

Posted on Jun 9, 19

    The summer months are upon us, who doesn’t enjoy going to cookouts and barbecues. Remember that the key to any successful nutrition program is balance so I wanted to give you some ways to live your life without tanking your nutrition. Here are some small tweaks that will allow you to have fun […]

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CF Kids Camp 360 coming in July! Early sign up discount!

Posted on Jun 7, 19

Camp 360 is coming in July! Keep your child active over the Summer! Early sign up discount available now. Sign up prior to June 16th and receive 20% off! The goal of Camp 360 is to forge broad, general, and inclusive fitness knowledge while having fun. Each day, we will focus on building CrossFit skills such as […]

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Posted on Jun 6, 19

    One of the great things about CrossFit is the ability to scale all movements and workouts. For a lot of us, we will be scaling workouts daily, instead of performing them Rx. This is ok! I wrote before about the intent of workouts and maintaining the intended stimulus. Scaling is how we do […]

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Harder to Kill

Posted on Jun 4, 19

    In todays society many people can be killed by heart disease, diabetes or obesity just to name a few health conditions. These are very common and realistic killers of many Americans today. They are also very preventable! What if I would tell you that getting up an hour earlier every day breaking a […]

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Stretches to Release Lower Back and Hip Pain

Posted on Jun 3, 19

    Whether you are active or sedentary hip and lower back pain affects millions. A lot of us that are active do not spend enough time mobilizing and stretching which can lead to pain and injuries. The generally sedentary individuals tend to get tightness and pain between the shoulders. This weakens the lower back, […]

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