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Aging Gracefully

Posted on Sep 7, 20

As we cultivate our lives but mentally and physically our beauty becomes more about what we are creating and doing than it is about our appearance.


Youth seems to get associated with beauty, but the truth is beauty transcends every age.


The earlier years of our lives are about learning and experiencing as much as we can. We move through the world absorbing ideas and thoughts like sponges. Here our physical strength and youth helps us open doors and attract attention. Slowly we begin to take the information we have gathered and form opinions and ideas of our own. As we start to cultivate our philosophy about life our beauty becomes more about what we are doing, saying and creating as it is about our appearance. This is where creating a healthy mind and body really comes into play. We become expressive, productive and find balance.


Eventually the time comes that we let go of the creations of our middle lives. We prepare for a new phase of our lives. Children move on, careers change, or end and our bodies change. The lines, the stretch marks the gray hairs are beautiful testaments of the full lives we lived. This is when all the hard work you put into your body and mind will shine. This is where we become radiant because we are now stripped down to our core. The core we spent years working on the balance, the inner and outer beauty. Beauty is at the core of our being. It is our essence. This essence is a reminder that there is nothing to fear in growing older because you spent your time taking care of you. Not just in the gym but also in your nutrition and most importantly in your mind.

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