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At Home Workouts

Posted on Mar 18, 20

For most of us our daily workouts help keep us healthy mentally and physically so during times like these when we might not be able to get to the gym it is good to know you can still stay active while at home. When you are choosing an at home workout think outside the box. Look around your house for items you can use in your workouts. Some examples could be filled up gallons of water, filled buckets (anything that would add weight), large stones, wood pieces, steps, chairs, playgrounds etc. You can use objects to do some of the following: ground to overhead movements or weighted squats, chairs for dips, farmer’s carries, the possibilities are endless!


You can also create endless bodyweight WOD’s also. Here are some suggestions for you:


Mini Murph: 1 mile run, 100 push ups, 200 air squats, 1 mile run


Death by …: Choose one movement- push ups, air squats, burpees. Do 1 movement per minute, at the top of every minute. Each minute adds an additional rep. This starts out deceptively easy and builds up. Great for a longer endurance workout.


300 Air Squats for Time.


7 Rounds for Time: 10 push ups, 10 air squats, 200m run


“Michael”: 3 Rounds for Time 800m run, 50 back extensions, 50 sit ups


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1: burpees, push ups, sit ups


Fantastic 50: 50 jump tucks, 50 push ups, 50 air squats, 50 hspu, 50 walking lunges, 50 sit ups, 50 sec L sit hold, 50 burpees.


These are some simple ways to stay in shape when you are stuck at home and can be completed anywhere, anytime and at any fitness level. Get up, get moving and stay healthy mentally and physically!



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