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Benefits of a Cold Shower

Posted on Mar 26, 21

Mental Toughness- Having cold water hit your skin isn’t fun and your mind will try to convince you to jump out. By overriding the voice inside your head over and over again you will start to develop strong mental discipline.


Speeds up Recovery- Cold showers help ease and prevent muscle soreness due to the regenerative properties of cold water. Muscles relax and repair more efficiently when immersed in cold water so when you come out of a cold shower your system is flushed with fresh, nutrient-rich blood that helps repair muscles and tendons.


Eliminate Toxins- One of the most compelling benefits is the fact that a cold shower or ice bath lowers the temperature of damaged tissues and constricts the blood vessels. This aids in the reduction of any swelling and/or inflammation, as well as accelerates toxin removal.


Improves Mood- Some researchers theorize that cold showers will boost your mood. An article in the journal Medical Hypotheses suggests that people are less likely to experience depressive symptoms after a cold shower. This is due to the nature of activating the sympathetic nervous system and increasing the availability of neurotransmitters (norepinephrine, endorphins)


Increases Blood Flow- As cold water hits your body, your blood will circulate at a faster rate to maintain your ideal body temperature. Increased blood flow then will allow more oxygen to reach the muscle which in turn will accelerate muscle gains and emulsify fat!


Helps Lower Blood Pressure- Increased blood flow equals less resistance on the venous system which will cause your blood pressure to drop and regulate at a healthier level.


Hormonal Health- Cold water sends numerous electrical impulses to your brain that will jolt your system to increase alertness, clarity and energy levels. Endorphins (happiness hormones) will be released at a high level!

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