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Burning Fat Without Losing Muscle

Posted on Jul 27, 20

We work hard to gain some solid muscle mass and want to hold onto as much of it as possible when we want the lose some bodyfat. Quite frequently people lose muscle during the weight loss process because muscle is a backup fuel source that your body can burn just like it does with body fat.


Following are some tips that will help you minimize the loss of muscle mass allowing you to maintain the lean muscle tissue.


  • Lift heavy enough to maintain and/or increase your strength. In order to build muscle, you must lift heavy so you must continue to do this if you want to maintain it.
  • DO NOT overdo cardio!! Cardio isn’t a bad thing and can be a useful addition into your routine to help lose body fat BUT if you do an excessive amount (which most people tend to do) you increase the chance of losing your muscle mass. Be sure to not prioritize cardio over your strength training.
  • Refeeds and calculated diet breaks are methods that can be used to temporarily pause your calorie deficit to allow various physiological and psychological factors to be improved. It is essential that your mind is in the right state while dieting. It is not beneficial (mentally and physically) to be in an extreme caloric deficit for months upon months.
  • Eat your protein! YES, this is very important!! A good target is 1g/1lb of bodyweight is a good goal to ensure you are getting enough protein. It’s ok to go a little over too but you must be consistent!


Train smarter not harder!! Knowledge is key!!

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