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Cost Effective Protein

Posted on Mar 23, 20

Getting your daily protein goal in doesn’t need to become expensive. If you are committed to your nutrition and are on a budget here’s some cheap options for you.


Eggs- Both eggs and egg whites are full of protein and healthy calories. They will hit your daily calories and protein goals with ease. One dozen eggs- between $1.32- $2.08


Chicken Breast- Chicken breast is an excellent source of low fat protein. There is 27 grams of protein in every 100 grams and only 165 calories! One pound of chicken breast- $1.99


Yogurt- 100 grams of Greek yogurt will give you 10 grams of protein and only has 3.6 grams of carbs. This is also a great way to get protein into your breakfast! Two pounds of yogurt- $2.28


Tuna- A 5oz can or packet (now you can even find flavored ones!) contains 43 grams of protein! This is the same as 5 ounces of roasted chicken and 5 ounces steak. One can of tuna $.90/ packet $1.99.


Cottage Cheese- Cottage cheese is high in protein and healthy fat and is very affordable. One pound is $2.36.


Beans- Black beans are one of the most convenient and affordable plant based protein option you can buy. One cup of black beans can contain over 15 grams of protein. One can- $1.00


Hitting your protein goal doesn’t need to break the bank!

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