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Ditch the Resolutions

Posted on Jan 6, 20

The New Year has started and all you hear about are New Year Resolutions especially when it comes to health and fitness. To resolve means to find a solution to a problem and you are not a problem. The way that you went about your life in the past year was necessary for your growth. Instead of trying the same old resolutions again how about trying something new. Change your mindset and reflect on the past year. Learn from the habits that did not serve your physical and mental health. Once you do this create a positive intention or a shift in direction. Manifest your intentions in self love and then back them with action. To become healthy means having a healthy body and mind and that needs to start from within, with you and your relationship with yourself.


Sometimes simply shifting your though process and help you succeed in ways you have never imagine. So this year ditch the resolutions, reflect and start with loving YOU!

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