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Drills for Squat Depth

Posted on Sep 14, 20

How often do you ask if you squat was low enough or do you hear the words just a little deeper when you are squatting? We look for full range of motion in squats so getting below parallel is key, but many can struggle with this for various reasons. Here are some drills to do prior to squatting to help you hit that depth.


  • Quadruped Rockback.
    Get on all fours with a wide stance and sink back into deep hip flexion. This stretches your groin and glute muscles.
  • Ankle Prying- Sit into a squat then lean to one side and push the knee forward while keeping your heal down, stretching your lower calf region.
  • Foam Roll T- Spine. Lie on the ground in a supine position with a foam roller placed under your upper back and your hands behind your head. Using thoracic extension to arch our upper back over the foam roller.
  • Ankle Rocking- Start in a kneeling position in a deep lunge, push your knee forward while keeping the heel down, striving to feel a stretch in your calf.
  • Squat Adductor- Sit in the bottom of a squat and use your elbow to push your knees outward, stretching your inner thigh muscles.


These movements will help you improve your mobility, squat depth and strength!!


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