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Elements of Deep Health

Posted on Jan 4, 21

When we talk about total health, we talk about all the dimensions of a person life. It’s not just about what you lift, how fast you run, body fat percentage, blood work results etc. It’s also about how people think, feel, live and connect to others.


The Elements of Deep Health are as follows:


Physical-Feeling healthy and energizing. When you perform and function well.


Emotional- Can feel and be good with a full range of emotions but mainly is calm, hopeful and positive.


Relational- Feeling contacted and true with others. Feels support and as if you belong.


Mental- Alert, focused and competent. You learn, remember and solve problems efficiently.


Existential- Having a sense of meaning and purpose.


Environmental- What surrounds you supports your health and well- being.


These areas of health are very entwined and connected in many ways. Often if you are struggling in one area it usually will mean you are struggling in others. But, in the same token improving one area can also help improve the others.


Total health is about your mind, body, actions, thoughts and surroundings. It’s a much bigger picture than visiting the gym and/or your doctors office. As with everything else it also takes patience and a lot of work and dedication.


So as we embrace the new year think about your deep health goals and start working towards being “healthy” and becoming the best version of you!



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