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Fat Loss Recipe

Posted on Sep 16, 20

Just like we have goals, charts, equations and pyramids for nutrition the same goes for losing fat.


At the top of the fat loss pyramid is Energy Expenditure. To lose weight or to change your body composition your body must utilize more calories than you eat. This means you need to increase the energy you put out.  The best way to do this is by working out, going on walks, swimming or simply just getting outside to play with your kids and/or animals. Also, you we experience some excellent side effects that include joy, lots of smiles and pleasant memories.


In the middle of the fat loss pyramid you will find Calorie Deficit. Every bite of food you consume contains energy in the form of calories. You need to consume a certain amount of calories daily in order for your body to function properly. Many consume more calories than are needed daily. This creates a calorie surplus and these extra calories get stored as fat. So, in order to loss the fat you need to create a calorie deficit by eating less during the day creating a calorie deficit.


At the bottom of the fat loss pyramid and the most important part is Consistency! Consistency seems like it is the easiest of all three, but it is the one that most people fail at. Without consistency energy expenditure and calorie deficit are obsolete. The key to all success is consistency. It is that simple. Anything done with consistency will eventually evolve into a habit to the point where your body and mind will gravitate to the task at hand!


Always remember that you still need to fuel your body and staying at a calorie deficit all the time will not do this. Balance is key. Goal is to loss fat in a healthy and maintainable fashion!! Again you want to create consistency and healthy habits!!




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