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Getting “Fitter” Before the End of the Year

Posted on Oct 31, 19

Why wait to the beginning of the year to set a new goal. Start now! Get your mindset to end the year with strong and focused. Start with a goal for each week giving your self the time to adjust and make new habits.


Here is a six week plan to get you “fitter”.


Week 1 – Focus on your nutrition. Start incorporating protein into every meal. Make healthier choices.


Week 2 – Improve your sleep habits. Turn off your electronics prior to bed so you can completely relax. Find something that helps you clear your mind from the day. Meditation, reading, journaling whatever works for you. Get to bed at the same time every night making sure you get restful sleep. Sleep is essential for a healthy mind and body.


Week 3 – Make exercise a habit. Get moving, even if its just cardio to start do it.


Week 4 – Stick to a program. Whether you do CrossFit, Powerlift or any other form of exercise, find something you can track your results.


Week 5 – Apply progressive overload. You have now started a program now start adding more weight or make it more difficult. Challenging your body will yield more results.


Week 6 – Make a permanent change. You have now devoted the past 5 weeks into your fitness now commit and make it a habit!


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