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Going Through a Phase

Posted on Jul 19, 20

Whether it is in the gym or outside in our real life we are almost always in the process of learning something new. It could be learning new movements, adapting to a new mindset, developing an underused ability or creating a new lifestyle. Some of use or even learning how to develop more self-confidence or even how to be more patient. In this process we are fine tuning one or the other of our many qualities, and in this process it is natural for things to become or feel out of balance, upsetting ourselves and/or ones around us.  This is where you need to trust that it is a normal part of working on self-development.


One example might be developing self-confidence or strength. During this time, we night become overbearing wanting to do everything for ourselves, becoming “obsessed” with ways to get “stronger”. This is how we practice this new skill and explore our ability. It’s new and exciting and we want to investigate it fully. In this way, we are mastering our new skill and eventually it will become integrated into our identity, it will then resume its position into our balanced life.


In this process we are actually overcompensating for a quality that has been suppressed in our life, so as we go from under-use to overuse we bring the balance back. Understanding the cycle is a useful tool that will help be more patient, remembering that in the end balance will be restored inside and out.


This relates to all avenues of our lives, from our health and fitness journey to our personal “outside” life. From the challenges of nutrition, self-esteem, athletic ability to strong relationships with ourselves and others.


Going through a phase is normal and happens to ALL of us. Staying strong and focused will help the balance return. Find your inner strength and just keep going!

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