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How to Fix a Rounded Back with Deadlifts

Posted on May 12, 20

Rounding your back in deadlifts is a common thing to see especially in those new to the movement. It seems like this is the easiest path to take but in the long term it is not healthy for your spine. Using hip hinge motion will help distribute the stress of the weight into your legs and hips instead of you back.

A good drill to develop the hip hinge can be done by using kettlebell, “ kettlebell behind the back hip hinge”.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your feet slightly flared and a kettlebell behind your back.
  • Pull your shoulder blades back and maintain that position while you shift your weight back.
  • Push your hips back and your knees out to the sides, allow your torso to come down towards the floor to counterbalance this posterior weight shift.
  • Remember to keep your shoulders pulled back and your chest up in order to maintain proper form and position.

You can even use your arms as leverage against the kettlebell to help establish a strong back position while hinging. Give this a try and let us know if it helps with your deadlifts!

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