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How to get better sleep.

Posted on Apr 9, 19

A lot of us struggle with sleep, we all know that getting good sleep is very important for our recovery and overall wellness. So let’s take a second to discuss some ways you can set yourself up with a bedtime routine to make sure that the body is primed to take full advantage of the time you spend sleeping.

  • Try not to train when the sun is down.
  • Have your last meal 90-120 minutes before bed.
  • Shutdown screens and unnecessary lighting 60-90 minutes before bed
  • Spend some time before bed to reflect on the day, pray, meditate, talk with a spouse or roommate, do some light mobility, or journal.
  • Have some tea (chamomile with passion fruit extract ¼ tsp 90-120 minutes before bed) also if you find that your body has a hard time calming down try taking some magnesium powder or capsules to help the body relax (there is a product called Calm that I take and it works great.)
  • Take a warm shower or bath, make sure that you have enough time to cool down because the cooling lets the body know that it is time to sleep.
  • Making sure the house and wherever you are going to sleep are at the right temperature you should try for 67° or below.
  • Finally make sure that you are sleeping in complete darkness, you can get blackout curtains to help keep out light and dampen outside noises.

Hopefully these things help you get that well deserved sleep your body needs. Most importantly make this a routine so the body will associate it with sleep. Now lay back and reap the benefits.

Coach Dwight

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