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How to Master the Front Squat

Posted on Mar 22, 21

As with any movements we do you want to learn the form and technique prior to adding larger amounts of weight unto the bar.  As you are mastering the form here are some more tips to help improve your front squat.


Grip: There’s lots of opinions on what grip is better or safer but essentially you want to find what grip is best for you and your boy. This is a whole-body exercise, so you need to be comfortable holding the bar.


Get comfortable being uncomfortable: The bar will be very close to your neck (it should rest on the meaty part of your shoulders) which can make some uncomfortable. If the bar is too far in front of you it will put more stress on your anterior delts and add stress unto the small muscles that aren’t made for it. It will also be harder to sit back into your heels.


Keep back muscles engaged: Every back muscle should be engaged and turned on. Let’s start with the upper back, you want tension here to keep your shoulders in a safe position. There should be some tightness in the joint, so the barbell sits on the meat of the shoulders not the bone. Having mid- back tension will help keep you from rounding forward at the bottom of the squat. You also want to work on keeping your lower back extensors firing to also prevent from rounding your lower back.


Think up: While performing a front squat you want to battle to keep your chest and shoulders up. If either drop then you are chancing losing the rep. You want to be intentional about keeping your chest and shoulders up especially when it starts to get heavy because they will start to drop by default. When this starts to happen focus on squeezing your mid and lower back muscles harder (these are the ones that fail when your torso starts to collapse).


Mentally check in with your body at three points on every rep- At the top, at the very bottom, and as you begin to power up from the hole.


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