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Importance of Balancing Family and Self Care

Posted on Nov 22, 20

Many people struggle with finding the time to take care of ourselves while taking care of our families and other responsibilities. From children, extended family, partners, pets etc the list can go on. It is very easy to lose track of our own needs as we give all we can to others. However, it is essential to those we care for that we take care of ourselves. By filling our own cup, we will have more to offer to those around us.


The demands of home life will always be there. Laundry that needs to be done, a room that needs to be cleaned, someone who needs a ride. If you don’t set boundaries you will be on an endless journey of housework and catering to other’s needs. Eventually you will feel drained and out of touch with yourself and your own personal goals.  Don’t let it get to this point. Integrate self- care into your daily schedule. Schedule a time with yourself to get to the gym, go for a walk or run, take a fitness/ yoga class. Whatever it is that keeps your mind and body healthy do it. Yes, there will be times that this might not be possible for your normal time duration (ex. sick child). Then just finding 10 – 15 mins to retreat inward can be a lifesaver. Get out for a quick walk, meditate for 10 mins. Something is better than nothing.


Most of the though it IS possible to set aside a full hour to care for yourself each day. In addition, try scheduling a longer amount of time for yourself on a weekly basis to really restore your energy and mind. Taking time to focus on your goals and experience time outside your home makes returning more fulfilling. In the same way, taking care of yourself is a natural complement to taking care of your home and family.


Self-care is vital and necessary not a luxury. Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy life!


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