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Importance of Setting Goals

Posted on Jan 1, 20

As we head into the New Year it’s important to take some time to set goals for yourself in all areas of your life but especially for your health and fitness. Goals give you a sense of direction, even a simple goal is better than none at all. Having goals serves as your road map. When you know what you are working towards you will have more drive, motivation and a reason to get up in the morning.


When you have goals you can make your life less stressful. You won’t waste as much time going in circles searching for direction and results. Life will be more interesting. When you are moving towards an end project/destination that is important to you, you can feel happier, stronger and more confident. Goals help you keep your focus and attention. This helps you feel more accomplished instead of never finishing anything worthwhile. Setting goals also builds hope and confidence. You will experience hope and inner peace as you stay focused on your goal.


Most importantly the journey towards the goal is where we learn a lot about ourselves. Enjoy this part. Through the journey we learn new things, gain new skills, meet new people and challenge ourselves to become stronger individuals both physically and mentally. The journey can be long and the actual moment of arriving and enjoying the goal can be short. So enjoy the road to your goal. Here you will learn a lot about yourself and what you are actually capable of.


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