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Low Back Stretches

Posted on Jul 24, 20

Lower back pain can sneak up on all of us. Regularly stretching the muscles, tendons and ligaments that support your spine is an important element in back health.  Reducing the tension in these muscles can help relieve the pain from a number of back pain conditions. It will also help with improving range of motion and mobility along with reducing the risk of being disabled by back pain.



Some great stretches to add into your regimen are:


Child’s Pose, Puppy Pose, Cat, Head-to-Knee, Forward Fold, Down Dog, Revolved Head- to- Knee, Twists, Side Angle and Plow to name a few.


When doing these stretches keep in the mind the following to help prevent injuries.

-Wear comfortable clothes that doesn’t bind or constrict movement.

-Do not force your body into difficult or painful positions (stretching should be pain free) be patient as your body will take time to regain mobility.

-Move into a stretch slowly. Avoid bouncing which can cause muscle strains.

-Stretch on a clean flat surface that allows you enough space to move around freely.

-Hold stretches at a minimum of 15- 30 seconds so that the muscles have enough time to adequately lengthen and improve range of motion.

-Repeat stretches between 2-5 times. A muscle usually reaches maximum elongation after around four repetitions.


** Chronic pain (pain which last longer than 3 months) may require weeks and even months of regular stretching to successfully reduce pain. These stretches can be part of a physical therapy program and/or recommended to be done at home daily.


** People who suffer from sciatica usually experience pain that radiates down the leg (described as burning or tingling). They can also experience numbness, tingling and/or weakness in the same leg, feet or toes. Stretching the lower back and periformis can help reduce this pain.


Again, stretching, mobility takes time, patience and a commitment to helping your body heal and function properly. You only get one body stay committed to keeping it pain free and healthy!

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