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Low Cost Nutrient Rich Food Choices

Posted on Apr 6, 21

Choosing a healthier nutrition plan can seem to be a financial struggle especially during these times. It is true that fresh fruits and vegetables, lean animal proteins and whole grains will cost you more than processed and fast food, but it is possible to have a healthy diet when money is tight.


Here is a list of low cost, nutrient rich common grocery store items that will give you the most bang for your buck.


Proteins:  Eggs- $0.35 portion, Canned Fish $1.00 portion, Whole Chicken $1.90 portion, Tofu $0.90 portion, Flank/Tri Tip Steak $2.00 portion


Carbs: Brown Rice $0.90 portion, Lentils $0.55 portion, Potatoes $0.30 portion, Beans $0.40 portion, Oats $0.20 portion


Vegetables: Cabbage $0.20 portion, Carrots $0.15 portion, Beets $0.15 portion, Romaine Lettuce $0.30 portion, Frozen Spinach $0.50 portion,


Fats: Sunflower Seeds $0.45 portion, Peanuts $0.15 portion, Ghee/Butter $0.20 portion, Full Fat Milk/ Yogurt $0.35 portion, Extra Virgin Olive Oil $0.20 portion


Fruits: Bananas $0.15 portion, Seasonal Apples $0.50 portion, Melon $0.50 portion, Oranges $0.65 portion, Frozen Berries $0.90 portion


Flavor Upgrades: Onions $0.10 portion, Garlic $0.05 portion, Spices $0.05, Herbs $0.15 portion, Citrus $0.15 portion


If you can’t locate some of these foods due to the season just think about what food choice would be a better option and go from there. Remembering that perfection isn’t required for progress and a “better” choice IS better!

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