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Moving Forward in Times of Uncertainty

Posted on Mar 26, 20

We are in the midst of some very trying times. Many are concerned about what our future holds… ongoing health risks, school and business closings, the economy just to name a few. No one can control what is in store for us and this uncertainty leads to stress and anxiety.


To help you reduce this stress and anxiety it is important to focus your attention on small daily actions. Here are some ways to manage your stress to help you from burning out.


-Practice Parasympathetic Activities. These include walking outside, moderate sun exposure, enjoying nature and low-key music.


-Meditation. This will help boost your immune system, improves your sleep, mood, emotional regulation and circadian rhythm. Meditation will also sharpen your focus, give your mental clarity, help your attention span and memory (even when you are not meditating).


-Get outside!! Being in nature lowers your stress hormones and heart rate. It improves your mood and immunity, giving you the energy you need to face your next challenge.


-Balance your exercise routine. This might seem difficult at this time but it is very doable. Just move. Body weight workouts are just as effective and beneficial. Exercise relieves stress by increasing blood flow, burns calories and stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system.


-PRACTICE SELF-COMPASSION!! We can’t do it all. Ask for help/support when needed. Getting coaching if you feel stuck. Get counseling if you feel helpless. Reach out to friends and family you don’t need to face every obstacle alone.


So starting today take at least five minutes of your day and practice one of these stress management tips. Always remember in order to help others you must start with helping yourself first. It all starts with you! Preserve your youth!



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