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Perfecting the Deadlift

Posted on Jun 1, 19

  A deadlift when performed correctly contributes to more muscles than your hamstrings it also develops a strong core, grip strength, conditioned arms, shoulders and back. It is a full body move getting more challenging the more weight you add. This lift can be found in all avenues of fitness and competition level lifters.   […]

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Nature or Nurture

Posted on May 31, 19

Many of us have heard of the nature/ nurture debate, but which is really more important? Answer: neither From the bottom to the top every type of person has the potential to be successful. It’s about choice. It’s about work. The people who are successful make the decision that they are going to be successful. […]

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Pre- Workout Meals

Posted on May 29, 19

    For some people pre- workout meals can be the most important meal of the day. Fueling your body properly prior to a gym session can improve your strength. Your body will also have the essential nutrients to handle the stress you put on it during your training. Here are pre- workout meal ideas […]

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Improve Your Posture.

Posted on May 28, 19

    Poor posture affects the majority of today’s society. Some of the leading causes are injury, muscle weakness and or hunching over desks, computers and or phones throughout the day. Correcting your posture will help keep you more active and healthy longer in life. Like always making the time to stretch and mobilize is […]

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Posted on May 26, 19

Do you know how your time in the gym can make you faster in life? How about walking up stairs, getting in and out of a chair or even the basics of carrying your groceries? These are all necessary functions, functions that can be a challenge for some individuals. The vast few are training for […]

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Dining out and staying on track.

Posted on May 25, 19

    Many people will be eating out this weekend, whether it’s at a restaurant, function or family picnic. This used to cause me a lot of stress. I’d be fearful of the amount of calories I’d be eating but didn’t want to be “that” person. You know the one who is obsessed with tracking […]

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Memorial Day “MURPH”

Posted on May 23, 19

Join us on Memorial Day for our annual “Murph” Hero WOD. There will be two heats 7:30am and 9:00am. This is a FREE class everyone is welcomed to join us. As always this and every WOD can be modified for ALL fitness levels and ages. “Murph” For time: 1 mile Run 100 Pull-ups 200 Push-ups […]

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When and Why You Should Wear a Weightlifting Belt

Posted on May 22, 19

    Weightlifting is common is most aspects of fitness today. Whether for competition or just for an individual’s everyday training. Weightlifting belts are often seen being used in many popular lifts but do you know how to properly incorporate them into your training?   First off it is very important to learn how to […]

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Tight Shoulders?

Posted on May 20, 19

    Here’s a movement to help mobilize your shoulders. It’s important to make sure your shoulder blades (scapula’s) move efficiently keeping them strong and healthy.   Scapula Wall Slide with Lift- Off   Here’s how to do this: -Face a wall then take a small step away. -Place your forearms on the wall about […]

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The Best “Doctors” EVERYONE can Access.

Posted on May 19, 19

    No matter what your health and fitness goals are there are certain things that we feel should be a priority in your life to achieve your goals.   Nature- Rest- Meditation- Eating Healthy- Sunshine- Mobility/ Stretching- Water   Which are the most important to you? All of these things can help propel your […]

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