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Pistol Skill

Posted on Mar 15, 20

Pistols are an exercise that takes patience, strength and mobility. They are a move that we need to spend time on in order to become efficient doing. Following are some drills for ALL levels.


Reverse Lunge Progression: Challenge your reverse lunge by modifying your back leg to limit points of contact and increasing your depth. Progression would be 1- flex back foot, 2- point back foot, 3- no contact with back foot. Find the challenging level for you while being successful with each rep.


Rig Assisted Pistol: Using your opposite arm to stabilize on the rig this will allow for lateral support. You want to slow down the movement, feel out the end range and assist on the squat. This helps with balance and also mimics the exact movement.


Counter Weight Pistol: Simple but effective! Hold a plate out in front of you to assist with balance. This also mimics the same exact movement of a pistol.


Box Squat Pistol: This will help with ascending and descending with control without the requirements of stability in the bottom position. Modify depth as needed. Find a depth that works for multiple successful sets then lower the height. If you place this along side other pistols drills it will help put all the pieces together to improve the movement.


Weight Shift Progression: This is a great drill for a warm up and a good way to develop control and strength at the bottom and on the way up. Lean on one leg on the way down and then single leg on the way up to develop a feel for the bottom position and press up with more control.


Give these a try and let us know how you do!

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