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Putting Our Tools To Use

Posted on Jun 22, 20

Every craft person has a toolbox full of tools and numerous techniques to help them bring inspiration into form. This also happens to us through life. We have discovered our own toolbox and techniques to help us create our lives at this point. Now I’d like to take it one step further and incorporate all the techniques you have learned in your health and fitness journey to overcome obstacles to make yourself stronger both physically and mentally. Sometimes we forget about these tools and skills and wonder why we are “stuck”. Times like these is when it’s important to remember what we already know and rediscover the tools that might be buried.


Just as we can look back through our workout journals to find out what has helped us become stronger, faster, leaner etc. we can do the same in life. We may have used the tool of writing daily to clarify our intentions, meditation for visualization.


In order for our ideas to be powerful they must be embedded with the energy of our engagement of them. To be effective we must also put them to use. This seems obvious but how many times have you had a health and fitness goal and we gave you the tools that you know could work but don’t commit to using them? This scenario is the same in life. Our mental well- being goes hand in hand with physical well-being. We read about the tools or hear others talk about them. Using the tool is a personal action, one we must take on behalf of ourselves. Like artist, we are all unique and no two of us will receive the same inspiration or bring it into form the same way. To discover the truth or your own vision you must take action by remembering all the tools that have made you “stronger” in the past and start putting them to use.

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