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Quest For a Flat Stomach

Posted on Oct 29, 19

So many people have a goal of attaining a flat stomach. They will try to starve themselves, do limitless amounts of cardio and even try pills, “potions” and/ or body wraps. What one should be focusing on is being on a calorie deficit diet, having protein in EVERY meal and getting in strength training of any variety.


Strict dedication sets you up for failure. Balanced discipline lets you develop better habits. You should enjoy the process of reshaping your body not dread it. By enjoying the changes embracing each step and move you will attain your goal.


Staying realistic while being positive and optimistic will be a welcomed change not only in changing your body but also in every other aspect of your life. It is a blessing to be able to get up and be active. It should not be a punishment for overeating. Learn and know the difference.


Healthy mind. Healthy body.



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