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Reducing Hunger While Dieting

Posted on Nov 19, 20


By increasing your protein and fiber intake you can reduce your hunger if you are cutting calories. High protein foods (eggs, chicken, lean meat etc.) help build muscle while keeping you feeling full. Foods high in fiber (potatoes, apples, pears, bran etc.) help keep you regular while also helping to keep you feeling full.


Some scientific research has shown the following:

-Dieters who eat high protein diets tend to feel fuller and eat less than those who eat a diet higher in dietary fats and carbohydrates.

-Some research has experimented with a 20g protein supplement given to people before a meal resulted in fewer calories consumed and reduced feelings of hunger. Also, a similar satiating (feeling of fullness) was found if given a fiber supplement prior to a meal.

-A systematic review also found that diets high in fiber resulted in less feelings of hunger which resulted in less food consumed.


As we know hunger is a part of eating fewer calories than your body needs to maintain its current body weight (putting you into a calorie deficit) in order to drop weight. That is the hardest part of following any nutritional plan that you are following with a calorie deficit but if done the correct way you can ease up those feelings of being “hungry”. Self-discipline also comes into play as we address the hunger feelings. Meaning if we are actually hungry or if it is an emotional response to food (that’s for another content piece).


It is important to also remember that you should NEVER be in a calorie deficit for too long. Your body needs to be replenished so you continue to see results!




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