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Replacing Toxic Habits for Improved Health for The New Year

Posted on Jan 1, 21

Your overall health doesn’t come from the amount of time you spend in the gym or even by eating healthy organic foods. It comes from the habits that create your daily life and let’s be honest we all have some toxic traits that we can alter to help us achieve a healthier lifestyle. Not sure what I am talking about? Keep reading to see how many of the below are part of your day.


Netflix Marathons…. Yes we all have our favorite series but how about turning off Netflix and getting a good night sleep.


Fast Food…. Easy and convenient BUT is it as good for you as home- made food?


Toxic Friends… These are those we drain your positivity your energy, they bring you down. Look for mentors around you. People who have the same drive as you, who support you in a positive manor.


TV… Here we are again, it’s easy to sit down and get sucked in but what about if you spent this time being active? Getting to the gym, going for a walk, any type of activity even if it’s just an hour will give you more motivation and energy.


Complaining… There’s so many things happening around us today that we can’t control. Instead of complaining about the things you can’t change how about turning it around and finding gratitude. Even if it’s something as simple as being grateful that the sun is shining. Gratitude is much more uplifting.


Blame… This can go along with the above. We can either blame everyone or everything else or we can look at ourselves and take responsibility for our own actions. By controlling our reactions to life in general we are taking responsibility instead of placing blame.


Overthinking… We can and usually our own worst critic. Spending countless minutes, hours and even days overthinking decisions, thoughts etc. This is wasting precious time. Take action, make a decision and stop being indecisive. Be true to your thoughts, acknowledge them and then move forward.


All these toxic traits can be crippling. They can make you unhappy and unhealthy. You and only you can change these one at a time to create the life-style and health you desire. Being healthy comes from thinking and feeling good!

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