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Signs of Progress

Posted on Sep 13, 20

Signs of Progress


Men and women tend to struggle with numbers on the scale as a sign of progress. Seeing your weight fluctuate can be frustrating and disheartening. This is especially true if you know you are doing all the things you need to do to make it go down. Unfortunately, our bodies don’t work like that so we can’t control what our weight does. There are many variables to the number you see on the scale such as what we ate the previous day, stress levels, hydration, sleep, hormones, digestion etc.


The scale is only one way to measure progress and is definitely not the most reliable. Weight can and will fluctuate and that doesn’t mean you are not losing fat!


Here are some more reliable ways to show that you are on the right track:

-Downward trend in weight OVER time.

-Changes in measurements (get way to track progress!)

-Clothes fitting more comfortably or dropping sizes.

-Seeing a difference in the mirror or in pictures.

-Increased strength in your workouts.

-More consistency in your nutrition and fitness habits.

-Better relationship with food. Finding the balance.

-Increased confidence and self- talk.

-Better biofeedback. (energy, digestion)


These are ALL signs you are on the right track. Don’t rely on just what the scale says. A person can lose five pounds and look totally different.


Stressing out and getting discouraged only takes away from appreciating the progress you ARE making.


Moral of the story? Keep going, don’t give up no matter what the scale says!!

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