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Signs You’re Not Eating Enough

Posted on Mar 30, 21

When anyone starts a “diet” (calorie deficit nutrition plan) your body will naturally be hungry, but you will not be starving so you are not under-eating here, you are instead intentionally cutting calories for a goal. It is important to stress that being in a caloric deficit and under eating might be technically the same but in fact they are extremely different!


Many people start their weight loss journey by going to extremes. This takes them to the place where they are no longer fueling their body with the nutrients needed to create a lean and healthy physique.


This can lead to the following things:

Always exhausted

Not making progress in the gym

All you think about is food

Constantly hungry

You’re irritable and miserable

Irregular bowels

Poor skin

Hair Loss


It can also lead to unbalanced hormones making it even harder to lose weight and makes weight gain in the future inevitable.


So essentially make sure you make an educated choice in your health and quality of life. Don’t just wing it and starve yourself, find a nutrition plan that works for your goals while keeping you healthy both physically and mentally.

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