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Small Changes = Big Results

Posted on Oct 26, 19

The weekend is upon us and for a lot of us that means eating away from home for at least one meal. This does not mean that you need to sabotage your nutrition plan. Making some small changes to what you would normally order can go along way. Some examples are if you normally order a burger do so without the bun or replace the side of fries with a side salad or vegetable. If you enjoy Mexican pass up the burrito and make it into a salad bowl. Craving a steak? Get it but again swap out your side with a healthy alternative. These days just about every food establishment will make adjustments for you, if you don’t see an option ask. There is no need to pass up plans or refrain from eating out if you are following an eating plan. Like we always say balance is key. Small changes will add up to big results!

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