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Squat Knee Position

Posted on Jul 29, 20

We talk about knees caving in when doing a squat all the time and how we do not want to see

this happen. We look for your knee position to be in line somewhere in between the 3rd – 5th (pinky) toes. This allows you to maintain a solid arch position in your foot which can also help transfer stability to your knee.


If you have difficulty keeping your knees in this proper position you can try to flare your feet out a bit more.  This will help with ankle and hip mobility restrictions allowing you to get lower in a more comfortable manner.


For those of you who have structural limitations in either your ankles or hip this position can seem impossible and that is ok for now. You want to continue to work mobility so you can move efficiently. Starting from the ground up. Check your ankle mobility and focus on driving your ankles out to proper align the rest of your body. Also work on hip mobilization so you can get comfortable in the bottom and use the appropriate muscles to drive up from the bottom position.


As always feel free to reach out to a coach to help analyze your form to give you the proper cues and mobility drills.


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