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Take 10 Mins…

Posted on Mar 19, 20

As we strive to improve our health and fitness habits it is proven that small changes will give you longer lasting results. So today I challenge you to take 10 minutes to be mindful of two things over the next week. So what your habits are and what you can do to improve them.


Let’s focus on tow simple nutrition goals:


Eat Slower. Most of us are always on the run and sitting down to a relaxing dinner is unheard of. This goes for our entire family not just us as adults. Try setting your fork down between bites, resist the urge to pick it up sooner than you need too. This will help you slow down and keep you from eating too much and it will also help you digest your food more efficiently. It will also give you some time to connect with your family and help you unwind.


Eat protein at every meal. Whether you are male or female protein is essential for your body to repair and recover from activity. It also has a higher thermic effect (takes more work to digest), which helps us feel full. When you choose your foods for protein makes sure the majority of its macronutrients come from protein. Some foods like cheese and peanut butter do contain protein but are split foods meaning they are also high in fat. Goal options for protein are different for everyone but must people should get a minimum of 100g per day. Adding protein to all meals and snacks will easily have you hitting that minimum.


Give these two things a try. Let us know how it works for you and remember it’s never to late to preserve your youth!

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