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Taking a Break

Posted on May 18, 20

Mental and physical health goes hand in hand. A lot of times we get so caught up on our performance and/or our “looks” that we loose sight of our mental health. At times we can get so caught up in our thoughts that it becomes difficult to concentrate on things and actually get anything accomplished. We ignore the mental, physical and emotional signs that we need to slow down and relax. Being so involved in things that are external we easily overlook what is really going on inside us. It is during times like these that we need to take a step back from what is occupying our minds and take some time out to re-connect with our inner self.

To most of us taking a break makes us feel like we are not being productive but in reality a “healthy” rest period can give us a sense of our true potential.  Going for a walk outside, doing a few yoga poses, meditating or simply becoming aware of your breathing enables us to let go our of worries. It brings back our focus to what is truly essential for us, our sense of inner peace and well-being.  When we get in touch with this part of ourselves, we tend to find our anxieties and worries become less critical and we free up more time to reflect on what really means the most to us.  We also have a more positive and healthy outlook to the situations we encounter.

Give yourself a gift by getting rid of your daily concerns. Lessen the weight of your troubles and start becoming more receptive to the wisdom and answers you hold within.

True health comes from within from being present both physically and mentally. Take a break enjoy your presence.

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