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The Pyramid of Joint Health

Posted on Dec 23, 20

Just like we see food pyramids, fitness pyramids etc. to show the hierarchy of what brings everything together to reach your goals we can set the same thing up for joint health. Just like with everything else we tend to want to rush to final result without going through the process and steps needed to get there, when in fact we won’t ever reach the top of that pyramid if we skip the steps.


Here are the essentials steps to achieve joint health. Starting from the bottom of the pyramid, the base and working up.


Flexibility- This is when the joint has the ability to PASSIVELY reach FULL RANGE OF MOTION.


Mobility- When the joint can ACTIVELY reach full range of motion.


Strength Balance- This is when the muscles surrounding the joint create an even contraction and the loads are evenly distributed.


Volume and Recovery Balance- Means adequate rest is being had which is required to heal and allow for positive adaptation.


Skill/Motor Control- This is at the top of the pyramid and when one has more flexibility, mobility, and  strength balance which allows one to recover quicker and effectively acquire motor skill.

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