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The value of a good CrossFit Kids program.

Posted on Apr 15, 19

The value of a good CrossFit Kids Program


Here at CrossFit Adoration we take pride in our coaching staff for both our regular members and our youth members, but do you know the importance of a well versed CrossFit Kids Coach?


Here’s some food for thought.

Coaching kids requires greater care in programming. The coaches must be more flexible and patient because children are harder to coach. Their bodies are changing   every day so they will constantly be adapting their body awareness. The concepts that are introduced to them in these classes, if positively charged can and will affect their fitness and wellness for the rest of their lives. CrossFit Kids coaches must not only develop relationships with the children but also with the parents. Our coaches are constantly educating themselves, attentive about environmental safety and very   aware of the culture they create. They work on social issues and mindfulness while developing self -esteem. Our coaches also teach the children the difference pain and soreness, keeping them safe and installing confidence. All this is done under the paradigm of “Fitness in Fun”.


Our CrossFit Kids classes are not childcare we are training children how to be healthy humans. Healthy in the mind and in the body. Our classes are designed to impact their lives in a positive way.


Meet our CrossFit Kids coaches this Wed 4/17 @ 5:30pm and Sat 4/20 @ 9am for our FREE CF Kids trial classes.


Coach Kayla – CF Level 1, CF Kids Certified. Licensed Social Worker. Received both Bachelors and Masters in Social Work. Kayla has an extensive background of working with over 200 youth and families in the Lehigh Valley.


Coach Andrew – CF Level 1, Graduated from Penn State with a degree in Psychology. Earned a degree in Educational Specialist of Psychology from Lehigh University. Currently in employed for the Colonial IU 20 as a school psychologist.


Both of these coaches have the experience and care to help to create healthy habits for our youth!



Mission Statement: CrossFit Adoration will build a healthy, strong and supportive environment which will continually strive for the true spirit of fitness and competition, in a results based, family atmosphere.