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Ways to Gauge Progress

Posted on Dec 26, 20

Increasing your 1RM is not the only way to gauge progress in the gym. There are some other ways to know that you are progressing in your training that are just as important.


  • Your technique is improving! As your technique improves so will your weights and/or reps.
  • Your “achy knee” or “bad back” hasn’t acted up in months. As you get stronger and develop your muscle strength and technique areas of weakness will start to hurt less.
  • You can set a new rep max with lighter weights (example 5 -10 rep max)
  • You are more consistent with heavier weights. You will miss less reps at higher working weights.


So, don’t let yourself get tunnel vision and only focus on your 1RM. If you start looking at the big picture you will find more happiness and satisfaction from your lifting. In the end your 1RM may just go up as a result of these other factors too!

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