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Where Does Fat Go?

Posted on Nov 30, 20

Ever wonder what happens when you loose body fat? Here is a simplified explanation of how fat loss occurs and how it actually exits your body.


Our bodies stores energy in fat cells also known as triglycerides. When we are in a calorie deficit our bodies use the fat cells to produce energy. The cells then breakdown to fatty acids and glycerol in a process called lipolysis. When this happens carbon dioxide, water and energy are produced. So, when fat loss occurs fat actually leaves the body as carbon dioxide and water. Eighty four percent of our fat turns into carbon dioxide while the other sixteen percent turns into water. Carbon dioxide leaves the body through our lungs and water leaves through urine and sweat.


Again, this is a very simplified explanation since each step has much more intricate details, but this is the main gist of it. Figured it would be cool to inform you that we breathe most of our fat out!


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